Call for papers – Sacred Places – Sacrifices – Feasts


Dear colleagues!

The Natural History Museum Vienna and the Federal Monuments Authority Austria would like to invite you to the conference

Sacred Places – Sacrifices – Feasts

La Tène cult practices in archaeological context


May 16 – 18, 2024

and request you to submit your papers and posters by November 20, 2023 using the attached form.

Approach and content of the conference

The impetus for this international conference is provided on the one hand by the book presentation on the many years of interdisciplinary rescue excavations and research in the Celtic cult area on the Perl-/Stadläckern on the Frauenberg near Leibnitz/Styria (authors: Georg Tiefengraber and Christoph Grill; with contributions by Michaela Popovtschak, Christa Frank and Norbert Vavra) as well as the results of 30 years of interdisciplinary research by Veronika Holzer and her research team on the sanctuaries on the Sandberg in Roseldorf/Lower Austria.

Within the framework of this international conference, the current status of research at the most diverse sites of La Tène cult and religious practice will be presented and discussed.

The focus is on the evidence, the reconstruction and the interpretation of different cult practices in the archaeological context, whereby similarities and differences of the individual manifestations are to be discussed.

In addition to archaeological research, there will be a significant emphasis on the interdisciplinary research of these sacred sites: in particular, specialist disciplines such as anthropology, archaeozoology and archaeobotany or various other scientific analysis on archaeological material etc. enable significant contributions to an interpretation approach that is as holistic as possible.

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